iPowerPlus XP-1KVA/24V Inverter

iPowerPlus Inverters are digital smart power solutions which range from 1KVA-20KVA. The Pure Sine Wave Hybrid Inverter comes with an in-built solar charge controller that connects automatically to solar and utility supply. This allows you to switch between AC Power and Solar Power. Get iPowerPlus in our store at the best price in Nigeria with convinient nationwide delivery.

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About iPowerPlus Inverters

iPowerPlus is a unique digital smart power solutions which range from 1KVA – 20KVA and targeted as practical, economical alternative for millions of homes, offices and critical state, national and individual infrastructure. Launched to equip a minimum of 1,000,000 homes with Power, iPowerPlus inverters, certified batteries and smart solar options are already enjoying rave reviews from thousands of patrons who have bought and installed them in their homes and offices, with many emphasizing that the solutions have helped cut their monthly energy costs while at the same time proving to be a more efficient alternative to the erratic supply from the national grid.

Designed in conjunction with power solutions partners in Germany and Asia, iPowerPlus comes with a comprehensive one year warranty and provides power independently with its solar panels or interfaces with utility electricity for seamless resolution of common power interruptions in Nigeria.

·        Additional installation materials will be at the request of customer after site survey